Accutive Data Discovery & Masking


The Accutive Data Discovery and Data Masking solution provides the ability to locate, mask, and move your critical sensitive data, while ensuring the data properties and fields remain intact across any number of sources. After being processed through the masking operation, the data will still look real, but in fact, it will have become fictitious. The masked data will also remain consistent throughout all sources and destinations.

The Business Challenge – Why Mask Your Data?

Enterprises today are faced with the regulatory challenge of ensuring the privacy and security of their customers’ information, while still successfully conducting their daily business activities. Organizations often copy and move sensitive data containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) information from the security of their production environments to less secure testing environments, or for third-party use. Prior to being copied to these environments, it is important for this sensitive data to be identified and masked, to ensure individual privacy and meet regulatory compliance standards (PCI-DSS, GLBA, OSFI/PIPEDA, HIPAA, FERPA, GDPR). Accutive Data Masking is different from Data Encryption; encrypted data is unrecognizable and unusable, and the formatting is not always preserved. Accutive Data Masking is also referred to as obfuscation, anonymizing, or anonymization.

The Business Value – Benefits of Accutive Data Masking

  • Reduce potential data breaches by reducing the risk of disclosing sensitive data that resides in testing, training, development, or third-party environments
  • Comply with data security and regulatory compliance standards for storing sensitive data, such as PCI-DSS, GLBA, OSFI, HIPAA and FERPA, GDPR
  • Create fictitious data that retains data field properties and is fully-functional across multiple systems
  • Refresh and maintain masked data across different environments for the purposes of testing, outsourcing, and analytics

How Accutive Data Masking Works

Accutive Data Masking is a robust software platform designed to perform automated discovery of sensitive data. All source tables and field names are searched and mapped during the discovery operations, and the solution will maintain all field properties of the source data. The output data will remain fully functional, yet the information will no longer be sensitive. For example, a 16-digit credit card in the source data, will remain a 16-digit credit card after being masked. Furthermore, that credit card number will be the same every time you mask it, should you need it to be.

The Accutive Data Masking solution (EDM) provides the ability to locate and mask your critical sensitive data, while ensuring the data properties and fields remain intact across any number of sources. After being processed through the masking operation the data will still look real, but in fact, it will have become fictitious. The masked data will also remain consistent throughout all sources. For example, Joe Smith masked as John Doe will always be John Doe in System A, System B, etc. Masking production data for non-production environment uses will reduce the risk of data compromise, while meeting regulatory requirements.

Product Features and Functionality

Accutive Data Masking solution is built upon the reliable and scalable Java platform, which is optimized for high performance. It is a web-based, drag-and-drop user interface for rapid and simplified configuration and field mapping. The platform enables consistent, flexible and repeatable enterprise data discovery and masking capabilities; providing the key functions for your data masking needs.

  • Connect to multiple sources and database engines such as Oracle, DB2, MySQL and SQLServer
  • Automatically read and report database metadata information
  • Configure how each sensitive data field is masked using the drag and drop interface
  • Cloud capable in a variety of virtual environments
  • Automated discovery of sensitive data
  • Track and report on all data masking operations
  • Save and reuse multiple masking requirements and configurations
  • Multiple user authentication options for enhanced security
  • Send automatic alerts via email or text when a masking job is complete or if an error occurs
  • Allow for scripting of any field to add masking operators on the fly

Multiple Data Sources and Destinations

Data can be moved from any major source type to any major destination type (i.e. data can be moved from a Flat File to a Oracle Database)

Ability to mask data in cloud environments

Mask to and from the Cloud

Consistent Masking

Ability to consistently mask source data to same value (i.e. Smith will always be masked to Jones)

Email address support

Ability to mask email address while preserving the format (e.g. do not mask the company name portion of the email address)

Smart Address

Ability to create a pseudonymous street name with a correct appropriate city state and Zip. (Currently available for US, Canada, England and Germany; more countries will be added)

Data Preservation

Ability to preserve a portion of the data in an unmasked state (i.e. keep the last 4 digits of a credit card number unmasked)

Lorem Ipsum Support

Ability to mask text data (notes) using Lorem Ipsum

XML file support

Ability to mask data inside embedded XML or Excel files. (i.e. mask the data within an Excel file that is stored in a database)

Accutive Data Discovery

Data discovery automatically scans data providing full visibility into your organization’s structured data.

Best Practices

Due to the complexities and challenges surrounding data virtualization, there is a growing demand for data masking. In response to our Fortune 500 customers’ needs, Accutive Technologies continues to evolve its Data Discovery and Data Masking solutions. Organizations that implement these technologies demonstrate to their clients, business partners, and regulatory authorities that they take data protection seriously by proactively reducing the risk of a data breach or violation of security policies and regulatory requirements.

Our Expertise

We are industry experts in data management and security. Accutive Technologies’ team consists of highly specialized software development and project implementation professionals with decades of experience. Our goal is to help guide and automate Data Masking within your organization, and to support your business processes while maintaining client privacy and regulatory compliance standards.

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