Accutive Data Discovery


As company data volumes increase, digital storage systems create new opportunities for the abuse of sensitive information by unauthorized personnel.  Accurate Data Discovery is the critical first step of any effective data protection platform, the key to remaining secure and competitive.  Accutive Data Discovery enables the efficient identification of sensitive data that needs to meet regulatory compliance standards such as GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, OSFI/PIPEDA, and FERPA.  Customizeable data scanning is applied to uncover privacy risks associated with structured and unstructured data in an array of cloud-based and on-prem databases and storage systems.  Sensitive items identified during the discovery process are cataloged and highlighted, thereby simplifying the process of identification for the user and allowing them to efficiently focus on the data in need of protection such as anonymization or encryption.

How Data Discovery Works

The discovery tool uses a two-pass method for finding sensitive data.

The first pass inspects the field names to identify likely data masking candidates such as social security number, first and last names, date of birth, addresses.

The second pass uses data inspection. The software inspects the first X number, as defined by the user, of records of each table and runs an analysis to determine a match based on user definable criteria.  If the number of matching records found exceeds the minimum threshold count, then the field is marked as a field that should be masked; examples of this include numbers that pass a Luhn test or match an IBAN format.

Supported Databases

Accutive’s EDM solution supports major SQL databases including Oracle, SQLServer, DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL etc., and NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Cassandra, CouchDB, HBase, and data files and formats including XML, Microsoft Excel, CSV files, and JSON etc.


The Accutive EDM data discovery tool is easy, fast, and flexible enabling the user to quickly and efficiently identify data requiring anonymization through user-defined regex and/or Groovy scripts. All supplied regex and scripts are customizable; alternatively, industry or customer specific sensitive data can be supported through the creation of custom regex or Groovy scripts.

Furthermore, the data discovery tool allows you to group multiple data scanner in support of industry or regulatory compliance needs such as PCI, PHI, HIPAA or other forms of PII.